Actually I ......

hmm,actually i miss you badly :( Where are you now? what you're doing? are you okay? Hmm,i wish i know all about you now.I hope you fine.I miss you so much,i really do :( 

Even when you're gone, Somehow you come along Just like a flower poking through the sidewalk crack You steal away the rain, and just like that You make me smile like the sun.

First Activity 6A2

See see,semua muka penat turun bukit nihh :3 Awesome gila hari nie.Even penat,memang puaihh gila daki bukit nie.Seksanya nak naik bukit tuhh,kaki sampai lembik,ingatkan turun bukit senang tapi seksa jugak,asyik jatuh jah sebab tanah licin.Kaki memang parkinsen teruk sgt dah sampai nak give up sgt dah tapi usaha tangga kejayaan.Chewahh --' HAHA! dekat Taman Semarak tempat nie.

I'm human.

I've come to the conclusion 
I may say or do things that some people may not agree with 
and by all means you're entitled to your own opinion 
but by no means will I ever change myself into someone I'm not. 

Take me for who I am not who you think I should be. 
Were all just people, 
we make make mistakes and 
I hate to break it to you, but nobodys perfect.


When people ask me why I let you go, 
I just smile and give a distant reply, 

They dont realise that I still love you, 
That I still need to get over you, 

That you left your mark right on my heart, 
They don't know the pain that I feel, of trying to let you go,
Because I realised a long time ago, 
You would never love me, the way I still love you!