It's life

My ex,I just want you to know clearly man that this girl,yes me! This girl,standing beside you before this,smiling,is lost.
Di sini aku berdiri megah,pushing away everyone I loves.Why? Hmm,I doesn't want to hurt them as much as I am.And that's why nobody get into my heart.

I feel like I'm not anyone's first choice neither their favorite.Even if people tell me I'm important to them or I mean a lot to them,I know there's always someone they prefer to be with.Hmm someone they choose over me.And that's hurts,a lot.Each time I cried out "don't leave me,don't ever leave me." but there was no sound.No words.
I still love you,that's all I can feel.I still miss you,that's all I can say.Tapi semuanyaaa kenangan sekarang.

Memories,oh they cut like knives,tajam,halus pedih.Hmm